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  • Streamlines the authorization and dispensing process for outpatient medications.
  • Programming of controls, parameterizations and filters according to the requirements of the company.
  • Identifier of the type of recipe and its validity period. (Continuous use, Consultation, Emergency).
  • Live support chat 24/7 in record time. Ensuring a prompt response to any inconvenience that may occur, either at the Pharmacy or at the Insurer at the time of award.
  • Access to changes and direct modifications with an administrative user. (Changes such as the variation of prices by the different pharmacies).
  • Alerts and blocks of drugs with drug interactions and / or allergies.
  • It allows you to register the health center or doctor who issued the medical indication, either through a drop-down list or manually. This allows you more control over the dispensing of prescriptions.
  • High control of overuse, abuse and fraud in a preventive way.
  • In the cases of reimbursements submitted by members, it allows direct consultation of the drugs purchased by the patient without the need to resort to the physical invoice.
  • High statistical capacity and business intelligence.
  • You will have more than 30 reports, self-generated by the Insurer, for immediate consultation and analysis of each aspect of use, these reports can be exported to Excel.