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An agile platform, the difference in your service!

We are a technological solution that provides our clients with the necessary tools to optimize the administration of pharmaceutical benefits, we offer the control mechanisms required to avoid excess or misuse in the cost of medicines.


  • Live support chat 24/7.
  • Programming of controls, parameters and filters according to customer requirements.
  • Alerts and blocks of drugs with dangerous interactions.
  • It allows you to place the center or doctor that issued the indication, either through a drop-down list or manually.
  • Identifier of the type of recipe and its validity period

We have an application that allows the prescribing physician to automatically issue the prescription without the need to resort to the manual method.

Our goal is to reduce the time of issuance and the risks related to traditional recipes through the efficient use of information technologies.

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  • Efficient follow-up from the doctor's office to the pharmacy.
  • Drop-down list with the medications to be indicated.
  • Support service to attend to any need during the prescription issuance and care process.
  • Indicators of drug interaction.
  • Audited prescription
  • Confidentiality